Why DIY Home Security Makes Sense

Installing a security system is often portrayed as a daunting and expensive task, but the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing that. Smart home technology enables individuals to establish a network of security devices that are controllable and affordable. Installing security systems usually require hired professionals to install them, which is often costly and intimidating. DIY security installation provides home owners with the power to customize security systems easily to fit their respective needs.

The most beneficial aspect of DIY installation is that it is extremely cheap in comparison to hiring professionals. Smart home security devices allow users to purchase devices as they see fit. This means that a security system can start with only a few devices and be built up overtime, allowing individuals to build a secure home on a budget. With a professional installation, the user is required to purchase an expensive and complex system, which they might not even need. In addition to this, professional systems usually have very expensive installation fees. IoT devices are very inexpensive; they can be purchased and installed easily at without complicated procedures.

With internet-enabled security devices, the user has complete control over their security system while they are at home as well as when they are away, which is a feature that professional systems don’t offer. Another DIY benefit is the ability to completely customize and alter security networks at the user’s convenience. Devices can be added or removed from a security system with ease. Home owners also have the ability to reinstall any security device in an alternative location within their home environment. Professionally installed systems simply do not offer this luxury. Once a system is installed in this fashion, there are essentially no customization options. This is especially inconvenient if someone decides to move into a new house or wants to move their security system to a new area in their home. DIY security systems can be transported to various environments and can be installed with minimum difficulty.

When it comes to personally installing a security system, there are some extremely powerful tools to assist in building an integrated network of IoT devices. The ConnectSense Wireless Security System and Wireless Motion Sensor are very effective in keeping a home secure. The Security Sensor can monitor doors, windows, cabinets, and more in any home. The Motion Sensor is able to track any motion that occurs within a given environment. Each of these sensors is able to notify home owners if there are any changes in their environment before it becomes a problem. These ConnectSense sensors are some of the many robust smart devices that can be utilized to monitor a home.

Establishing a smart home ecosystem can also be done with ease using Apple HomeKit, which is a very reliable and efficient DIY smart home security software. HomeKit equips homeowners with the ability to create a dynamic and affordable network of security-based devices. There are many industry leading products that are compatible with Apple’s innovative software. HomeKit assists home owners in creating a secure environment in a way that is both convenient and accessible.

It is often said that if one wants something done right, they should do it themselves. This is precisely the case regarding the creation of in-home security systems. DIY home security is significantly cheaper than professional installations and the ability to fully optimize a network of devices to fit a specific home environment gives DIY installation a major advantage. The accessibility and customization of security networks created with software such as Apple HomeKit makes IoT security systems much more powerful and reliable than professional installations.

Home, Safe Home

Home is always termed as something safe and secure. Most of us spend years of our lives creating a place where we feel like we can escape from the world and rest in the company of family and friends. All our belongings and treasures pile up in troves of memories around the house, giving us a feeling of belonging and peace.

Break-ins destroy these sentiments. They make us work from the ground up. They give us the feeling of sleeping in a bugged hotel room or being betrayed by a loyal friend. Restoring the homey atmosphere takes a long time afterwards, and we never quite feel the same again.

Here at Grid Connect, we care about keeping your home your own, so that you can worry about the more important things in life. Safety and security should not be worries when our heads hit the pillow at night, and we understand that. This is why we have created an inexpensive solution to the problem with the ConnectSense Motion and Security sensors. With these tools in place, you won’t have to worry about break-ins while you’re away. Our sensors or designed to alert you via your phone call, text message, email or Twitter whenever there may be a cause for worry. Don’t let a single event break your confidence in the safety of your home.  

The ConnectSense Potty Bot

Here at Grid Connect and ConnectSense, we like to have fun. Don't believe us? Check this out.

In addition to playing ping pong, we find other ways to have a good laugh in the office. 

Grid Connect was excited to hire lead developer, Jon Allured, a few months ago to help out with the ConnectSense platform and Smart Outlet. Not only has Jon already made significant progress on leading ConnectSense into a new generation of products, but he has helped the men in the office as well.

The Problem:

The Grid Connect office is made up of about 25% females and 75% males. The problem Jon sought to solve lies in our office bathroom situation. While the women have two stalls in their facilities, the men only have one.

The Solution:

Thanks to Jon, the ConnectSense Door/Window Security Sensor and Slack, a team communication platform, the men at Grid Connect now know when their single stall is occupied and when it is available for use.

ConnectSense Door/Window Security Sensor

The ConnectSense Door/Window Security Sensor was attached to the door of the stall in the men's bathroom. When the sensor senses the door opening or closing, Jon programmed it to send a notification to Slack. From here, the men in the office can log into Slack and be alerted the next time the stall is available without ever having to leave their office or wait in line.

The most humorous part of this customized solution? Jon named his new program the Potty Bot.

So, thank you to Jon for finding a solution and making the bathroom situation around the office much more light-hearted.


Happy Halloween from Grid Connect and ConnectSense!

Worried about the goblins, werewolves and zombies tonight? Or maybe you just don't want trick-or-treaters stealing all your candy? The ConnectSense Security Sensor will alert you if any mythical creatures or greedy children try to enter your home tonight!
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Or maybe you are worried about that ghost in your attic? ConnectSense is happy to announce that we are offering a very special price on our PKE Sensor to celebrate Halloween!
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Have a safe and happy holiday!

Garage Door Sensor - Confessions of a Paranoid Home Owner

In the seven years since I first became a homeowner I cannot count the number of times I have turned around the car when I was a few blocks away from home to go back and double check that the garage is closed.  Once I was at least 15 minutes away from home and already running late for a flight when I turned to my wife and asked "Did we close the garage?" It was early in the morning and we were both still waking up so neither of us could definitively confirm that the garage was in fact closed.  So we turned around, adding another 30 minutes to our trip to head back home and confirm that the garage was indeed still closed, and it was.  In fact I cannot recall a time that I have gone back to check and the garage was not closed but I still regularly have that feeling that I left it open and turn around to verify.

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