ConnectSense’s HomeKit-enabled Smart Outlet is Smart and Sensible

There’s no dearth of smart outlets with Wi-Fi connectivity, but you might not know of their existence because they really don’t get much ink (or pixels) in the press. Fancy smart home hubs and biometric door locks are much more exciting to talk about than an electrical outlet that you can turn on and off via Wi-Fi using an app on your smartphone. I’ve fallen into the same “been there, written about that” trap myself. But a review sample of the Smart Outlet from ConnectSense showed up on my doorstep a few days after CES2016 ended, and it is a Wi-Fi-enabled smart outlet that’s definitely worth spending some time talking about.

Two words will pique the interest of most people who are playing around with DIY smart home gear and systems: Apple HomeKit. Even better is that it’s a pretty cool product even if you forget to mention the fact that’s its HomeKit-enabled.

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8 New Devices to Control with Apple HomeKit in 2016

To date, we’re seen some pretty interesting announcements that would make Apple HomeKit very worthy of your home setup. At this year’s CES 2016, the idea of combining forces with Apple seemed as hot as ever. Let’s take a peek at eight manufacturers producing new Apple HomeKit-enabled devices you may want to add into your home this year.

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The 8 Chicago Companies to Watch at CES 2016

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which kicks off on Wednesday in Las Vegas, is the first major tech event of the new year.

Given the size and scope of CES, it's no surprise that a number of Chicago companies and entrepreneurs will be exhibiting, competing, presenting, and speaking at the conference, not to mention shaping and influencing the trends and topics that will define this year's event.

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