ConnectSense Introduces Power Monitoring to Smart Outlet

Smart Outlet Price Dropped to $59.95

NAPERVILLE, Ill. — (October 20, 2016) — ConnectSense, a developer and manufacturer of home automation products, announced the addition of power monitoring to its ConnectSense Smart Outlet and the ConnectSense app.

With the ConnectSense app, users can easily create integrated scenes and rules for the Smart Outlet and other home automation devices regardless of manufacturer, with just a few simple steps. Users can control their smart devices with the touch of a button or using Siri voice control.

With detailed power monitoring, users have insight into the power consumption of devices plugged into the Smart Outlet, as well as how long devices have been turned on. This allows users to adopt more energy efficient habits or to replace energy-hogging devices or appliances with more efficient choices.

Unique to the ConnectSense app is the ability to create rules based on power usage. For example, a homeowner can set a rule that says if the television has been on for three hours, turn it off. Also, for safety, rules can be set to turn off hot or potentially dangerous devices, such as flat irons, if they have been left on for an extended period of time.

More complex scenarios also can be set up to automate environments. For example, in a home theater, a homeowner can set a rule that says when the projector turns on, the room lights dim.

“We are happy to provide our customers a way to monitor their energy usage, and give them more control over their devices,” said Adam Justice, founder of ConnectSense. “Among the reasons to automate a home is to make it more energy efficient and to save money, and power monitoring will be an important tool in this effort.”

The ConnectSense power monitoring feature is available via firmware update free to existing customers in the current ConnectSense app.

ConnectSense also announced it is dropping the price of its ConnectSense Smart Outlet to $59.95. The Smart Outlet features two Internet-connected electrical sockets that enable users to control devices plugged into them using Siri via their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch. 

About ConnectSense
ConnectSense develops and manufactures home automation products, including the ConnectsSense Smart Outlet and a line of wireless sensors that monitor changes in your environment then notifies you by email or text when something goes awry. ConnectSense can be found at and on Twitter at @ConnectSense.


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Holiday Gift Idea: ConnectSense WiFi-Enabled Smart Outlet With Apple HomeKit Integration

NAPERVILLE, IL--(Marketwired - Oct 22, 2015) - Homeowners and renters looking to inexpensively automate their homes now can turn traditional devices into smart devices with the ConnectSense Smart Outlet, manufactured by Grid Connect. The Smart Outlet is a thoughtful tech gift for gadget lovers, frequent travelers and Apple fans.

The Smart Outlet fits over any existing, standard North American electrical outlet. Its two Internet-connected electrical sockets enable users to automate everyday plug-in devices, such as lights, fans and holiday decorations.

Because the Smart Outlet is built on the Apple HomeKit platform, users can control devices plugged into them using Siri (via iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch) or through the ConnectSense app.

Premium features include:

  • Apple HomeKit support for easy set up and configuration, data security through end-to-end encryption, and Siri voice control.
  • Two WiFi connected sockets that can be monitored and controlled individually.
  • 2.4 amp USB charging port for cell phones, tablets and other devices.

The ConnectSense Smart Outlet can be purchased at and on

Price: $79.95



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Linda Muskin
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Mara Conklin
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First HomeKit devices go on sale in June, says Apple

Following a media report that the launch of Apple’s highly-anticipated HomeKit will be delayed until early fall, the iPhone maker issued a statement saying that the first HomeKit-enabled smart home devices will hit the market as early as next month.

“HomeKit [hardware certification] has been available for just a few months and we already have dozens of partners who have committed to bringing HomeKit accessories to market and we’re looking forward to the first ones coming next month,” an Apple spokesperson told Fortune.

The statement from Apple served to debunk a claim made by an article in Fortune that reported delays in the launch of HomeKit due to bloated code and difficulty controlling smaller, battery-powered connected devices.

Apple never announced an expected launch date for HomeKit-enabled devices, but in January, Grid Connect, the maker of the ConnectSense Smart Outlet, an Internet-connected electrical socket that turns run-of-the-mill household appliances into devices that can be controlled using Siri on the iPhone or iPad, told Re/code that its products will hit the market this spring. This set an expectation that HomeKit would be widely available early this summer.

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Connected World Magazine Announces IoT Innovations Winners

Some of the most transformative startups and multinational corporations are “doing new things” in the IoT (Internet of Things) marketplace. In response to this growth in the space, Connected World magazine today named the winners of the inaugural IoT Innovations Awards.

Carol Stream, Ill. (PRWEB) May 05, 2015 

Theodore Levitt, an American economist, says, “Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” Some of the most transformative startups and multinational corporations are “doing new things” in the IoT (Internet of Things) marketplace. In fact, analyst firm IDC says in the IDC Market in a Minute infographic the installed base of IoT units will soar to 28.1 billion in 2020.

In response to this growth in the space, Connected World magazine today named the winners of the inaugural IoT Innovations Awards.

Submitted IoT (Internet of Things) products were judged by an editorial panel representing a cross section of the industry. Both business and consumer IoT products were submitted for judging. Winning products are selected based on a variety of criteria, including most creative and technologically advanced products, services, and platforms.

“The IoT market is prospering at such a rapid rate that new products seem to be announced almost by the hour. Connected World is searching for the most innovative products that change people’s lives and the way businesses operate,” says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine. “The winners of the first IoT Innovations prove novelty and creativity continues to assert itself in the IoT community across a plethora of industries.”

The 26 winners of the IoT Innovations Awards for summer 2015 are: 
Apio Situational Awareness Platform – by Apio Systems 
Cradlepoint COR IBR 1100 – by Cradlepoint 
XBee ZigBee Cloud Kit – by Digi 
LS1021A-IoT Gateway Reference Design – by Freescale Semiconductor 
Gimbal Proximity Beacon Series 21 – by Gimbal 
ConnectSense Smart Outlet – by Grid Connect 
Home View 3D – by Icontrol Networks 
DriveSync – by IMS 
Intel IoT Gateways – by Intel 
Intel IoT Platform – by Intel 
SmartCode 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt – by Kwikset 
Monnit Cellular Temperature Monitoring System – by Monnit 
Type ZY Bluetooth Smart Module – by Murata 
M-Connect – by Oberthur Technologies 
Skywave IDP-782 – by Orbcomm 
GT 1100 – by Orbcomm 
PI System Collaboration with ArcGIS – by OSIsoft 
Ring Video Doorbell – by Ring 
Calliope LTE Platform – by Sequans Communications 
SkySpark – by SkyFoundry 
Trilliant Smart Communications Platform – by Trilliant 
ODIN-W2 – by u-blox 
Generation 2 BodyWorn – by Utility 
WeatherBug Home – by WeatherBug 
Wind River Edge Management System – by Wind River 
ZEN Thermostat – by ZEN 

To nominate for the next IoT Innovations Awards, please complete the survey online by the Aug. 27, 2015 deadline:

For more information on the 2015 IoT Innovations winners, check out the June/July issue by downloading the Connected World app in the Apple or Android App Store. Just search for Connected World.

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Every single home appliance that works with Apple HomeKit

Announced alongside iOS 8 at last year's Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple's HomeKit software aims to put its own spin on home automation. Using HomeKit as a framework, developers can link up iOS products to communicate with home appliances, such as thermostats, light bulbs and garage openers. 

While the initial framework of HomeKit was unveiled alongside the release of iOS in September 2014, manufacturers have been waiting to bring out HomeKit-enabled products to consumers over the course of this spring. 

Not sure what home appliances will be compatible with your iPhone, iPad or, one day, the Apple Watch? Fear not, as we've rounded up a list of upcoming (and a few already-released) products expected - or are already confirmed - to bring Apple connectivity to a home near you.

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