Home, Safe Home

Home is always termed as something safe and secure. Most of us spend years of our lives creating a place where we feel like we can escape from the world and rest in the company of family and friends. All our belongings and treasures pile up in troves of memories around the house, giving us a feeling of belonging and peace.

Break-ins destroy these sentiments. They make us work from the ground up. They give us the feeling of sleeping in a bugged hotel room or being betrayed by a loyal friend. Restoring the homey atmosphere takes a long time afterwards, and we never quite feel the same again.

Here at Grid Connect, we care about keeping your home your own, so that you can worry about the more important things in life. Safety and security should not be worries when our heads hit the pillow at night, and we understand that. This is why we have created an inexpensive solution to the problem with the ConnectSense Motion and Security sensors. With these tools in place, you won’t have to worry about break-ins while you’re away. Our sensors or designed to alert you via your phone call, text message, email or Twitter whenever there may be a cause for worry. Don’t let a single event break your confidence in the safety of your home.  

Sensor Setup Made Easy

Although our sensors are made to be user-friendly, there are some common questions that our customers tend to have when dealing with the initial setup of their devices. These are all legitimate, but quickly remedied issues:

1.      My SSID number won’t appear on the ConnectSense Dashboard? Often this is fixed with a little patience: after holding down the button on your sensor, it may take up to 3-5 minutes before the SSID will appear on the user platform.

2.      Can my ConnectSense sensor alert me for more than one condition? Yes, all you need to do is set up new rules for that sensor. This is done by selecting the individual sensor and clicking the “add rule” button under the status notification.

3.      My computer just freezes during the setup process, what’s going on? Make sure you entered your router’s SSID and password correctly. If entered wrong, the ConnectSense platform may freeze or continue to cycle through router parameters but then never connect. Most issues with incorrect passwords are due to special characters used in the password. In addition, passwords cannot be longer than 32 characters.

4.      Can I add additional phone numbers to the ConnectSense alert system? Yes, that can all be done under account settings in the “Contacts” tab.

Tips: High check-in intervals are taxing on battery life, so for sensors like temperature/humidity, we suggest plugging them into an outlet and using the batteries for backup. Also, if you are using Internet Explorer to run the ConnectSense Dashboard, it may act abnormally on occasion. Google Chrome usually works best with our platform.