ConnectSense at CES 2017! [VIDEO]

The ConnectSense crew was excited to show off some of our products coming out in 2017 at this year's CES!

Controlling and monitoring a home can take a lot of work. In the past, it required the user to be present constantly. Our goal is to make controlling your home a simple and efficient process. It all starts with one device, one problem, and one solution. Building upon that by adding more devices creates a much bigger picture, step-by-step, evolving into a truly smart home.

The three products we chose to show off this year include:

The ConnectSense Bluetooth Extender-
The new ConnectSense Bluetooth Extender enables users to access their Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors and devices from outside the home. The Bluetooth Extender can be configured to work with Apple HomeKit or the ConnectSense Cloud. Utilizing HomeKit, users can securely control all of their HomeKit accessories from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Using the Bluetooth Extender as a hub, users can control and monitor their smart devices from just about anywhere.

Bluetooth Sensors-
The second generation of the ConnectSense Sensors are more compact, versatile, battery-efficient, and are lower cost than their predecessors. Each sensor is configurable for Apple HomeKit or for the ConnectSense Cloud. By integrating with the HomeKit ecosystem, users can easily utilize sensor data to monitor and automate their homes. The ConnectSense Cloud enables collection of sensor data and alerts via text or email, notifying you of changes in your environment

Water Sensor- 
The ConnectSense Water Sensor detects the presence of water before it causes costly damage. It is perfect for detecting leaks in basements and laundry rooms, as well as monitoring plumbing and refrigeration lines. The Sensor provides water alerts via HomeKit or the ConnectSense Cloud.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor-
The ConnectSense Temperature and Humidity Sensor provides accurate and reliable data for sensitive areas of the home including wine cellars, collection rooms, greenhouses, and more. It works in harmony with HomeKit-enabled thermostats to regulate temperature in areas where a thermostat isn't present.

Watch the full video below.

In this episode of Smart Home Tech, Adam Justice of ConnectSense gives you a brief overview of some of the new products ConnectSense had to show off at CES 2017. Questions? Comment below or tweet Adam at @adamjustice ConnectSense on Amazon:

Another Use for ConnectSense Sensors: Power Outage Monitoring

A few months ago we received an email from one of our ConnectSense Temperature Sensor customers with the subject line: "Another great use for your sensors."

In the email, Greg explains how his wife, Nancy, told him that they should reconsider going to their cottage that weekend. When Greg asked why, Nancy explained that the power was out.

How did she know the power was out without being at the cottage?

Nancy had received a text message saying that their Temperature Sensor was offline. The only reason the sensor would be offline would be if there was no power for the Wi-Fi router to run on.

Because it was a nice day and Greg and Nancy were not concerned about the temperature at their cottage, they chose not to take action, but rather to just wait until the power came back on. In other cases, such as inclement weather, they would have known about the power outage immediately and could have made a quick decision to check up on the cottage or call neighbors to make sure power lines weren't down or that there was no damage to the house.

Greg and Nancy's Temperature Readings

Greg and Nancy's Temperature Readings

Greg then got online and began monitoring the power outage using the recorded temperatures (or lack thereof) from the Temperature Sensor at their cottage.

In the graph to the right, you can see no temperature recorded from about 9pm to 12am. From this, Greg was easily able to see that the power had been out for about three hours. In addition, he was able to determine when the power came back on so that him and Nancy would know when it made more sense to go visit the cottage.

Thanks for the email and sharing another use for the ConnectSense Temperature Sensor, Greg!