It's Not Too Late! Get Dad a Smart Outlet TODAY!

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show dad how special he is, but finding a gift that he will love is hard. Thankfully, for those dads who enjoy the latest and greatest technology available, the ConnectSense Smart Outlet is the perfect present for helping him create a functional smart home.

The Smart Outlet allows dad to control and monitor power usage with ease from his iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch. This ConnectSense product is seamlessly integrated with Apple HomeKit, making it possible to control lights, the thermostat, fans, and many more of dad’s devices all from one app on his mobile device. The free ConnectSense app also utilizes Siri voice commands, making it extremely easy to control the outlet. This wirelessly-enabled device works with the Wi-Fi network that dad already has at home. The device comes with two electrical outlets that can be controlled and monitored separately with the ConnectSense app. The amount of power and control the Smart Outlet will give dad over his home makes this device a fantastic gift.

The ConnectSense Smart Outlet is only $79.95, making it an affordable gift option as a smart home device. This is a great product to help dad create the ultimate smart home.



How to Use Scenes in Apple HomeKit

The ability to create scenes is one of Apple HomeKit’s most powerful features. When you are getting started with HomeKit, setting up scenes is going to be one of the first things you do. Scenes are a great way to control the state of one device, or even multiple devices, all at once.

After you set up a scene, you can then control it using Siri voice commands. There are four built-in scenes, but you also have the ability to create custom Scenes within HomeKit. The four default scenes within iOS 9 are “Good Morning,” “Good Night,” “I’m Home,” and “I’m Leaving.”

Let’s walk through setting up the “Good Morning” scene as an example. If you want a cup of coffee in the morning, you can select your coffee pot, and turn it on. If you want your house a little bit warmer in the morning, you can select the thermostat and set the temperature to something like 70 degrees. In order to finalize the changes you made, click the “Save” button in the top right corner of the screen. This scene can be activated by clicking on the “Scenes” menu in the ConnectSense app by clicking the “Activate” button.

Another way to activate the scene can be through Siri voice control by saying “Good morning Siri.” Siri would then proceed to activate the scene and begin adjusting the thermostat and turn on the coffee maker.

Now that you know how to set up scenes in HomeKit, what do you want to automate using scenes? Comment below!

Scenes are one of the most powerful features of Apple HomeKit... but how do you use them? In this episode, Adam Justice of ConnectSense shows you how to set up scenes in your home using the ConnectSense app and then activating them using the touch of a finger or Siri voice control.

How to Access HomeKit Products Away from Home

One of the most common questions about HomeKit is in regards to how to control HomeKit devices when you are away from home. This requires either a third or fourth generation Apple TV.

  1. Once your Apple TV is installed, enable iCloud on your iOS device. You want to make sure you are signed into the same iCloud account on both your iOS device and your Apple TV.
  2. You want to make sure that “iCloud Keychain” is turned on.
  3. Go to the “Settings” menu and scroll down to “HomeKit.” Once you are in this menu, enable “Use iCloud,” then go into your home and select “Allow Remote Access.”
  4. Once all of those settings are set on your iOS device, you’re going to want to move to your Apple TV and click on “Settings,” which is the grey gear icon.
  5. Once in settings, click on “Accounts” under general, followed by clicking on “iCloud.” After this you are going to want to click on “Sign in.” When you are signing in you are going to want to enter the same email address that you put in the iCloud settings on your iOS device.

Now you will be able to control devices when you are away from home. An example of this would be utilizing a Siri command such as, “turn on the lamp,” which will turn on the HomeKit device even if you are away from home.

Now that you know how to set up remote access for your HomeKit devices, what are some things you want to control while away from home? Comment below!

Having Apple HomeKit products doesn't just mean using them while you're at home! In this episode, Adam Justice of ConnectSense shows you how you can access and control your HomeKit products even while you're away. Questions? Comment below or tweet Adam at @adamjustice ConnectSense on Amazon:

Homes, Rooms, and Zones in Apple HomeKit

It may seem like setting up Homes, Rooms, and Zones in HomeKit is overkill in the sense that digitally organizing your smart home seems unnecessary. However, doing this in HomeKit gives you access to a lot of powerful features and a whole new set of Siri commands, allowing you to control multiple devices at once.


Most people only have one home, but if you have a vacation home or something else, there is support in HomeKit to have multiple homes. In order to access the “Homes” menu, just click on “Homes” in the ConnectSense app. A really important thing to note is that if you have multiple homes, only the home that you have set as the primary home will be used for the Siri voice commands.


Along with creating home controls, you can also control individual rooms. You are going to want to create rooms for any place in your house where you have HomeKit devices. You can access the “Rooms” menu under the “Home” menu in the ConnectSense app in order to see any rooms that you have created. If you want to add a new room for your home, simply click the “+” button in the top right corner of your screen, and then you can add a name for your room. After this, you can select which devices you want to go into that room. Complete this step by clicking save.


Once you have set up rooms, you can proceed to set up zones. Zones are essentially groups of rooms within your home environment. Examples of this could be an upstairs zone, a downstairs zone, a basement zone, or any other way you want to subdivide the rooms of your home. The “Zones” menu can be accessed from the “Homes” menu in the ConnectSense app. If you click on the “Zones” menu, you can see any zones you have created thus far. If you want to add a new zone to your home, click the “+” button in the top right corner of the screen, just as you did in the “Rooms” menu. From here you can give the zone a name and select which rooms you want to belong to that zone. Remember to click save after you have selected each room.

Siri Examples

Now that you have set up various rooms and zones, you can begin to utilize the Siri voice commands associated with these features. An example of a Siri command that would control a room would be something along the lines of, “Siri, turn off the lights in the master bedroom.” This command would turn off your HomeKit device controlling the lights in the room you named the “master bedroom.”

An example of a Siri command that would control a zone would be something like, “Siri, turn off all devices upstairs.” This command would turn off all of your HomeKit devices in the zone you named “upstairs.”

In addition to commands like these, there are also commands that allow you to check if you left the lights on in a room or zone. A command like this would look be, “Siri, did I leave any lights on upstairs?” Siri will be able to tell you the number of lights you have left on in the zone you named “upstairs.”

Now that we’ve learned about the power of your favorite HomeKit app, be sure to set up the rooms and zones in your home.

What are some things that you would want to have automated in your home and have not pulled the trigger on? There are plenty of possibilities. Comment below!


Homes, Rooms, and Zones are ways you can organize your Apple HomeKit devices? In this episode, Adam Justice of ConnectSense explains the difference and shows you some Siri voice commands you can use with each group. Questions? Comment below or tweet Adam at @adamjustice ConnectSense on Amazon:

Apple Vs Amazon Battle Takes Surprising New Turn

The really key thing about the ConnectSense sockets, though, is their leveraging of Apple’s HomeKit technology. HomeKit, if you’re not familiar with it, has been designed to provide a secure integrated wireless electronic control system – operated through the new Apple TV – capable of managing almost every aspect of your home. So the relatively straightforward HomeKit application demonstrated by the ConnectSense sockets is just an early toe-dip into what will surely become much deeper home automation waters.

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