Garage Door Sensor - Confessions of a Paranoid Home Owner

In the seven years since I first became a homeowner I cannot count the number of times I have turned around the car when I was a few blocks away from home to go back and double check that the garage is closed.  Once I was at least 15 minutes away from home and already running late for a flight when I turned to my wife and asked "Did we close the garage?" It was early in the morning and we were both still waking up so neither of us could definitively confirm that the garage was in fact closed.  So we turned around, adding another 30 minutes to our trip to head back home and confirm that the garage was indeed still closed, and it was.  In fact I cannot recall a time that I have gone back to check and the garage was not closed but I still regularly have that feeling that I left it open and turn around to verify.

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