Smart HomeKit Sensors for Temperature & Humidity and Water Detection from ConnectSense; On Display at CES 2016

Announces distribution with Best Buy online for ConnectSense lineup of products 

NAPERVILLE, Ill. – (December 28, 2015) – Grid Connect is expanding its best-selling line of ConnectSense home automation products by launching two new Bluetooth Low Energy enabled sensors for temperature/humidity and water detection. Both sensors feature support for Apple HomeKit, enabling users to monitor and control these devices easily and securely using Siri on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or Apple Watch. 

With strong demand for its Smart Outlet on, ConnectSense also announced that Best Buy will carry its full line of smart home products online in 2016. The company is working with WYNIT Distribution, LLC, a leading international distributor, to establish distribution with additional retailers.

The ConnectSense Temperature & Humidity Sensor provides accurate and reliable data for sensitive areas of the home, including wine cellars, collection rooms, greenhouses, cold storage and more. It works in harmony with HomeKit-enabled thermostats to regulate temperature in areas where a thermostat isn’t present.

The ConnectSense Smart Water Sensor will detect the presence of water before it causes costly damage. It is perfect for detecting leaks in basements and laundry rooms, as well as monitoring plumbing and refrigeration lines.

“There is a tremendous amount of interest around HomeKit-enabled products because HomeKit provides a solid foundation for the smart home,” said Adam Justice, Vice President of Grid Connect. “We are excited to expand on our successful Smart Outlet with additional HomeKit-enabled products that make home automation easy, secure and affordable.”

Both sensors operate using Bluetooth Low Energy and require only two AAA batteries for long periods of operation. By integrating with the HomeKit ecosystem, users can easily create integrated scenes and rules to automate devices, regardless of manufacturer, with just a few simple steps. For example, users can set rules to automatically turn on lights or other devices when water is found, or regulate a HomeKit-enabled thermostat anywhere in the home. Users also can ask Siri to gather information about the sensors, such as asking about the temperature.

The ConnectSense Smart Temperature & Humidity and Smart Water sensors will be available for shipping in the first half of 2016. 

The company will also release a Smart Door/Window sensor as well as additional smart home products in 2016.

The sensors will be on display at CES Tech West at the Sands Expo Convention Center, Booth 70760, as part of the smart home area.

About Grid Connect/ConnectSense
Grid Connect (, an ISO 9001:2008 company, is a leading manufacturer of products that enable the Internet of Things, including the ConnectSense line of home automation products. Grid Connect can be found on Twitter at @GridConnect and on LinkedIn at ConnectSense can be found at and on Twitter at @ConnectSense.


Senior Outlook Today: Technology

More seniors are beginning to embrace technology to connect with their loved ones and to make life easier. One of these technologies includes the ConnectSense Water Sensor.

This holiday season, gift givers can give friends and family peace of mind with a wireless and portable water sensor from ConnectSense. The ConnectSense Water Sensor can detect the presence of water anywhere before it becomes a problem, and notify homeowners by email, phone call or text message, making the sensor a good solution for vacation homes, boats and basements that may be difficult to access.

The ConnectSense Water Sensor is an easy Do It Yourself (DIY) system that does not require monthly monitoring fees. Owners simply place the sensor’s probe on the floor where the first signs of water may appear. Owners then set up notification rules at about who is contacted and if notification is by email, text message, phone call or Tweet. Notifications are sent using the existing Wi-Fi network and can be sent to more than one person. ConnectSense also manufactures sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, motion, security and light.

A valuable gift that delivers peace of mind, the ConnectSense Water Sensor retails for just $149.95 and can be purchased on or at Included: Water Sensor, USB cable, Industrial Velcro and Screws for mounting, 4 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries and Quick Start Guide.

For a wrap up of some other technologies available to make senior living easier, visit Senior Outlook Today.